nvida-settings over "ssh -X" ?

Hi. I was wondering if it is possible to run nvida-settings as a REGULAR USER over an ssh session?

Perhaps someone might have some headless server somewhere with telsa cards in it? And they wish to alter their “PowerMizer” settings or something? Or they might like to see a graph of their Thermal Sensor Information?

When I try to run “nvidia-settings” vis ssh I get:


ERROR: Unable to load info from any available system

But I am able to run other apps back to my display such as “gedit” or “xterm.”

(If I log into the same system in a X session with a desktop I am able to run nvidia-settings ok.)

My display is listed as

[gsgatlin@logicbomb ~]$ echo $DISPLAY

in a ssh session. Next command also gives same error:

DISPLAY=localhost:10.0 nvidia-settings -c localhost:10.0

ERROR: Unable to load info from any available system

Is this even possible or is it impossible to run nvidia-settings to a remote system? I tried this with centos 7 (GeForce GT 640) and ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Tesla K40c, headless) from a fedora laptop and I get the same error on both systems.

Thanks in advance for any ideas anyone might have about this. Or if this even makes sense? (perhaps there would never be a need to run nvidia-settings remotely, and thus it was designed not to work that way)

nvidia-settings is for manipulating settings of the nvidia driver of the Xserver it’s running on. So if you run nvidia-settings on a remote machine with X forwarding to your local machine, you would only manipulate the settings of your local machine (if that’s running on an nvidia gpu) and only use the cpu of the remote machine. If that would work but I don’t even think that.

I found this issue on github.com

So it seems this would not be possible. Oh well. :)