Nvidia 9800M GTS not recognized by 181.20 driver ?!

I bought an expensive laptop with GPU 9800M GTS graphic card because I planned to program with CUDA. A few weeks ago, I downloaded the latest driver suggested on CUDA download with the CUDA 2.0 SDK and examples. The driver installed itself without problem and recognized my graphic card. But unfortunately it was not possible to program with visual 2008.

Now that CUDA 2.1 is out and apparently visual express 2008 is recognized, I downloaded the driver 181.20 whql for vista 32bit. But when I run it is says, the graphic card is not recognized. What am I supposed to do with this ? What’s wrong with my graphic card ? Why can’t I upgrade the driver ?

What driver is required to be able to program with CUDA 2.1 and visual express 2008 ?

My colleagues programming with AMD-ATI graphic cards and brooks don’t seem to have so much troubles.

Problem solved. See