Nvidia-dkms 525.85.05 desktop lag when in hybrid mode

I have discovered that when upgrading from the nvidia-dkms 520.56.06 driver to 525.85.05 there is significant desktop slowdown on optimus laptops set to “hybrid mode”. This is on archlinux with kde.

The desktop becomes very unresponsive - windows take long to open, moving windows around is slow and any action freezes up the desktop. This issue is not present when setting the laptop to “nvidia” mode on optimus software.

This is the second driver update that I am having this issue, and apparently multiple people on reddit are as well.

also, wayland session on hybrid mode totally locks up computer when trying to play games via steam or even use LibreOffice!

Can this be fixed?

I also encountered issues with 525.85.05, may be related.

My report is at: https://forums.developer.nvidia.com/t/regression-in-525-85-05-triggers-xid-79-on-maxwell-optimus-laptop/241692

What is your nvidia card?

My card is an RTX 2060 on a optimus enabled laptop (Legion 5i).