Wayland support for Nvidia Optimus laptops?

With Nvidia making improvements to standard Nvidia card drivers on Linux enabling the possibility of Wayland support particularly in the latest beta drivers (495), I’m curious to know whether I can expect to see fixes for laptops using Nvidia’s Optimus technology.
At the moment I’m contemplating switching to an all AMD laptop having switched to Linux in January, but if Nvidia fix the Wayland support issue and enable me to use multi-display independent scaling then there would be no need to jump ship.

Right now I’m stuck in two minds between just buying a 64GB RAM upgrade for my current laptop (I genuinely work on projects that often use up 32GB’s of RAM during development) and sticking with my Nvidia/Intel setup, or just going full AMD and stop worrying about the Nvidia driver issues on Linux?

I don’t mean to be a pain by talking about switching hardware vendors, I’m just trying to be honest and explain the situation I’m in and ideally, I’d rather stick with my current RTX 2070 laptop than to have to buy a 6800M laptop, but when working with multiple monitors hooked up to my laptop, the lack of independent scaling support on Nvidia Optimus laptops makes it impractical right now to see sticking with Nvidia as an option going forward.

Sure there is an option to use the open source Nouveau drivers, but seriously, they suffer from such a performance hit in basic daily tasks on my desktop, that it feels barely any better than using a laptop with Intel graphics, I mean seriously just dragging windows around the screen you often see tearing, the whole experience just makes the purchase of Nvidia hardware feel like a huge mistake.

So at this point, I’d just appreciate confirmation of whether I can expect to see Wayland supported on Nvidia Optimus laptops before January 2022, or am I better off just jumping ship?

Whatever is the case, good luck in the future.

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