NVIDIA DRIVE OS 6.0.6 is Now Available

The latest DRIVE OS 6.0.6 release for DRIVE AGX Orin enables developers to run Docker containers directly on DRIVE AGX Orin hardware.

DRIVE OS 6.0.6 benefits:

  • Introduces Compute Graph Framework (CGF), a graph-based application framework, and System Task Manager (STM), a static, non-preemptive scheduler. CGF and STM elevate DriveWorks to a fully featured automotive middleware solution.
  • Enhances PKCS #11 Cryptography API support for multiple cryptographic key slots and tokens to increase application cryptographic key capacity.
  • Provides a recovery partition backup in the event of catastrophic file system corruption.
  • Adds an experimental persistent logging mechanism for system level events, UART logging and error codes.

Please upgrade to this latest, more feature rich and robust release for DRIVE AGX Orin.

Developers should register for an NVIDIA Developer Account and membership in the NVIDIA DRIVE AGX SDK Developer Program before proceeding. Please submit questions or feedback to the DRIVE AGX Orin General Forum.

Also here is a DRIVE OS 6.0.6 related blog.

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