Nvidia Driver Bug causes VKD3D Resident Evil & AC Valhalla to corrupt shaders & crash

As per the title, for some odd reason on RE2/RE3/RE4 if you don’t cap the frame rate to 60, the shaders would corrupt either immediately or after some play time and always cause the application to crash.
On AC Valhalla running it above 30fps it would instantly crash, easiest to reproduce - basically run the game, don’t cap fps to 30, run benchmark, wait to load → game crashes(the logs indicate very similar error message).
Additional info this seems to be linked to libnvidia-glsomething.so and it seems that this issue is not present on 510 driver, but from 515 all the way up to 530 are all affected.

steam-952060.log (1.8 MB)
steam-2050650.log (12.9 MB)


Having exactly this issue with RE4 on a 2080ti using VKD3D commit 7b561f3 and driver version 530.41.03. Additionally, RE4 seems to be using an excessive amount of VRAM before crashing, even when graphics settings are lowered. Artifacting increases in severity a few moments before it crashes.

Locking the framerate to 60 does alleviate the issue.

steam-2050650.log (14.4 MB)

This could be also related to the issue I’m having with Monster Hunter Rise, which uses the same RE engine as the recent RE titles. These issues have been reported in Monster Hunter Rise (1446780) · Issue #1347 · HansKristian-Work/vkd3d-proton · GitHub

You can also find the same issue at and Monster Hunter Rise (1446780) · Issue #5495 · ValveSoftware/Proton · GitHub

You’re right, this is likely the same bug. Does downgrading your driver version to 515.86.01 solve the issue for you on Monster Hunter?

I did not bother downgrade as I’m running a bleeding edge Arch distro on my desktop and downgrading can cause trouble in the long run. I have a Steam Deck that runs the game okay so I have been using that for the game. However, someone in the issue tried it and seems to have it working okay

When it comes to Valhalla, it seems like it locks up when the GPU hits >90% GPU usage.
That’s why limiting FPS to 30 works. You can also lower your graphics settlinga to keep it below 90%.

All drivers above 510 are affected, Vulkan Dev too
The 510 drivers works great tho '.

Please fix this Nvidia.

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If you alt-tab right out of the game right before Eivor enters the world when starting a game, AC valhalla won’t freeze.
It may freeze later on tho’, if it does, it will show a frozen screen where you first did the alt-tab.
I’m guessing it’s a race condition or memory corruption somewhere.

Try the same with monster hunter/resident evil and see if it “helps”.

You must run the game in full screen, not borderless.