nvidia-drivers does not handle brightness keys properly

i created this kernel bug, but I think it is also nvidia-drivers related.



ASUS g75vw laptop with 660m gpu

Brightness keys for up and down and wifi keys do not generate any events.

Please take all information from the database on bugzilla.kernel.org

Latest available kernel, bios and gpu drivers installed.

Feel free to ask for additional information.

Display Brightness in Laptops is handled by dimming the backlight in the screen. Has nothing to do with the video card.

When you want to argue against me,

show me the schematics of that mainboard and the correlated software code passages which handle the screen brightness. if you can’t which I assume because you do not have access to these schematics, than do not write any nonsense.
The schematics will prove who controls that stuff, and the software just verifies that.

The issue is with all those locked down binary software.

bios is locked and not open source
nvidia-gpu drivers

and both do not work properly as they should

If those work as they should, they would generate acpi events or set the brightness without any acpi events. is not the case

The last hardware piece is the inverter and than the led backlight, but who control these?

and i tell you it is highly the gpu itself

When you have taken your time you would have seen, that the intel guy, assume he knows more than the average guy, pointed out to the gpu guys.

First notebook, x700 from ati no issues.

Second notebook nvidia 9800m gts in a Asus g70sg (nvidia drivers fault at the end with wrong assigned bios / memory bars) was unfixable for 2 years. i patched manually the kernel.

Third notebook, ASUS g75vw, ACPI / nvidia locks out some certain events.

As it is screen related i am quite sure it is nvidia fault.

Feel free to provide any serious help, or just leave the topic unanswered, thanks

Technically there is usually an inverter which sets the brightness via pwm or some other fashion.

But who controls the inverter?

If the bios / nvidia bios would have been correctly implemented

i would have gotten acpi events / acpi interface to set the brightness, which is not the case.

I am not that convinced anymore to give nvidia any money when 100 % of the hardware sold has bugs. I buy hardware and I can expect it stays to the acpi standards and not only Windows only shit hardware.

The gpu bios is very locked down.

i do not get the point why nvidia-smi can not provide any useful information also.

anything locked down, brings issues, make it open and just sell the hardware.

@ blackout

WEll some posts suggests, that the brightness control is hard wired to the intel gpu on some notebooks

the issue is on this hardware that it does not support optimus and the intel gpu is not accessable.

I really look forward to some answers and not some useless posts …

When you have some informations, please post on the kernel bug, thanks

Another duplicate of the bug in Bugzilla: