Nvidia GMSL to USB

Can we connect the Sekonix GMSL camera to normal USB port? If yes, whats the converter to convert Drive PX2 camera connector port to usb port? Where can we buy that?

Hello sarveshd,

DrivePX2 has 12ea GMSL camera port.
May I know the reason, why are you trying to connect USB port for the GMSL camera? Thanks.

Hi Sarveshd, this is an interesting question, were you able to figure out an answer?

Also interested in this question, haven’t figure out.

Also interested.

Anyone have more info on this?

Talked with leopard imaging, they have usb interface with deserializer I think this should just work as usb cameras since the serializer and deserializer dose not alter any data.

Anyone has solved this problem? I just want to use [Sekonix GMSL camera][http://sekolab.com/products/camera/] on my laptop. I don’t want to buy px2, which is too expensive.

I just came across this company selling a USB adapter: http://www.entroninc.com/prouduct.html

Look at EUSB001/002. Not sure about the price and/or quality.

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It might be easier to get the image directly from the USB port of a laptop. The laptop is portable, so it can be moved around easily.

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