Nvidia gtx 750 ti underclocked

Hi guys,

Upgrading to 381.09 didn’t solve the undercloking of my gtx 750 ti. Still can’t reach full clock speed with prefer maximum performance enabled. The full clock for my card is 1346 MHz and only getting full loading 1210 Mhz. At idle stays at 1071 MHz. Using drivers previous series 37x the clocks fixed all the time at 1346 Mhz, either idle or full load.

Kubuntu 16.10
Kernel 4.8
Nvidia 381.09

Ty for help.

Regards to all.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (171 KB)

Here it works that way on my 750ti, with driver 381, if you increase the clock to 1200 mhz the clock limit also increases, goes to 1346 if you increase to 120mhz in graphics clockoff set it works at 1300 mhz but the limit goes to 1400 … so you’ll never get the maximum amount.

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But with kubuntu 14.04 and nvidia previous 37x series the clock were always at 1346 MHz. Something is wrong with the driver, or nvidia is underclocking our gpus for some unknown reason.