Nvidia Jetson Nano fan VCC not getting 5V

I bought Dedicated 4020 Cooling Fan for Jetson Nano and after soldering the header , I connected the fan and ran the command “sudo jetson_clocks” but still the fan doesn’t work .
To check the fan I connected it directly to 5V and ground of the 40 pin and it was working fine . Then I checked the voltage on vcc of fan pins and it was fluctuating but the highest voltage was 4.8v
which i think is not enough to run the fan , the TACH pin had constant 4.8 v.

Can someone help me out here I don’t know what the problem is .

Did you measure the pin 2 of fan header? It should be same voltage level to 5V of 40-pin header as they are from same power rail.

1st pin (GND) - not is continuity with 40 pin header GND
2nd pin (VDD) - having 0V
3rd pin (TACH) - having 4.89V
4th pin (PWM) - is in continuity with GND and 5V of 40 pin header

The problem is 1st pin (GND) - not is continuity with 40 pin header GND AND 2nd pin (VDD) - having 0V

Are you using devkit carrier board or not? If it is, please refer to P3449 schematic in DLC for fan header connection. It should be connected well on devkit carrier board. If it is not, maybe it means the soldering work is not so good.

Yes I am using devkit carrier board.
It might be the soldering as my soldering ion is oxidized , and so the solders are not good enough .