Nvidia Jetson Nano showing as dual core in /proc/cpuinfo

Hi! I haven’t touched my nano in about 6 months, so I flashed the newest version of jetpack to a sd card and plugged it in. Almost perfect! The only issue I am having is that its refusing to recognize 2 of the cpu cores, and is only showing a dual core processor. It didn’t always do this, in fact it used to show a quad core. Is there anything that I can do to try and alleviate this?


what is the output of sudo nvpmodel -q ?

Looks like the nvpmodel mode set as 1 for two core.
Try sudo nvpmodel -m 0

NVPM WARN: fan mode is not set!
NV Power Mode: 5W

Thanks ShaneCCC, will this setting persist through reboots?

No, but you can modify the /etc/nvpmodel.conf as your case.