Nvidia omniverse isaac sim license and technical support


I am developer of a team working on a commercial robotics project.

Utilizing the nvidia omnibus isaac sim, our entire team creates robots in virtual world for team projects and

I would like to proceed with the simulation for RL.

In this case, is it possible to proceed with a project using isaac sim without an enterprise subscription to Issac sim?

Is there an nvidia or partner development team in Korea that makes robots in isaac sim and configures the RL simulation environment?

thank you.

Hi Defective,

You can continue to use Isaac Sim for free and without licensing fee if no more than 2 people are on the same project in the Nucleus server.
Good news, we will have more RL support in our next release in April.


Thank you for your answer.

I have high expectations for reinforcement learning of Manipulator using Isaac sim.

I hope more assets will be provided in the home environment to study actions such as Pick and Place as reinforcement learning.

I’ll be waiting for good news.