NVIDIA Omniverse License for data distribution

Hello, I want to ask about Omniverse License.
We would like to write a Dataset Paper using data obtained based on Isaac Simulator.
However, due to the nature of the dataset paper, OpenSource License is required.
We plan to use it for research purpose only, without commercial purposes. We will also disclose only the data, not Isaac source code.

So, I would like to ask :

  1. Which Open Source License can we use?, or If it’s not possible to disclose it, i would like to ask if there are additional ways or conditions to disclose it.

When i read the page where the provisions related to the Omniverse License were written, I found that i should not distribute benchmarking results and software evaluation results without nvidia permission.

I inquired about this by e-mail (related to omniverse-license), but i have not received an answer.

If anyone knows related to this, please reply.
Thank you.

*License Page : NVIDIA OMNIVERSE LICENSE AGREEMENT — Omniverse Robotics documentation

Hi Siam,

It’s fine if you want to publish your data set, and for benchmarking if you are benchmarking the dataset and not the tool, that should be fine.
Please let me know if you have more questions.


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Thank you so much for replying me!

A) And then, Which Opensource license should we use?
( e.g MIT, GPL, BSD etc )

B) Are there differences between Individual license version and Enterprise License version?

  1. Rendering performance (speed, fidelity),
  2. Stability of the simulator itself
  3. Access authority about simulator(assets, modification)


Hi Siam.

We do not dictate on which license you should use for your data set, and currently there is no difference between the Individual and enterprise other than support


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