NVIDIA SDK Manager User Guide to learn how to use SDK Manager

I have get NVIDIA SDK Manager,but i can not download NVIDIA SDK Manager User Guide.

Dear xianze.feng,
Please check downloading https://developer.download.nvidia.com/driveworks/secure/drive_docs/SDK_Manager_User_Guide.pdf?LiRZZ04C7GPiLg7zdrG_iXehVyTJfnQqAihCSnLL9RPz4MiRjp6fOLjr6SBSs9nsvLJd_fcq6U4A9HKXuaMkb1yXfDhlWChgXtDSRBIy17K6auDNHx0868rENwVDYIU4eJJIOSmSz2pEGcyXOhOgOQ6QYjU1Fg

Seems the link above is no longer alive (yes I’m logged into developer.nvidia). Any update ?

Dear Honey_Patouceul,

Please refer to the following link.

Thanks @SteveNV for the update. Unfortunately, I have not registered to Drive program, I was looking for this because now SDK manager can be used for Jetson platforms. Is there another link available to Jetson developers ?

Dear Honey_Patouceul,

Please refer to the following link for Jetson topic.