NVidia tx2 + pixhack + RoS kinetic cannot connect via Serial port

I installed ROS on Ubuntu 16.04 running on nvidia tx2, also I installed FlytOS (FlytBase) on nvidia tx2.
Under Localhost I have the initial page of FlytBase where is written “Disconnected”…
Following this guide(http://docs.flytbase.com/docs/FlytOS/GettingStarted/TX1Guide.html#tx1-guide) I have run into truble when I try to connect Serial port J17 TX,RX and GND with RX,TX and GND of pixhack telemetry (as shown in guide)… Also I tried connecting on Serial port J21 but Ubuntu just slows down and start to lag really hard. After I unplug the connector from J21 everything works normally. Furthermore I have set the parameters in QGroundControl as told in guide.

Please help,

Hi Mateo, please have a look here http://forums.flytbase.com/t/nvidia-tx2-ros-flytos/442