NVIDIA with ATI on the same board on Linux

Hi all,

I got a Tesla C1060 for CUDA development. I have an ATI Radeon, you know, for graphics, less serious stuff. I am using Linux (Ubuntu 10.04).

I haven’t installed any ATI drivers, just using the generic configuration. As may be expected, Tesla doesn’t work with such config. I tried installing latest NVIDIA drivers. That messed up the other end. Is this at all possible to have these cards coexist, and how should I go about doing that?

Thanks a million!!


Install the ATI driver and set up X11.
Install the Nvidia driver without modifying the X11 configuration. Use the script in the release notes to load the Nvidia driver and create the /dev/nvidia* entries.

Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I’m struggling with the same problem. How do I tell the Nvidia installer not to modify the X11 configuration?