Hi guys,
this text is copied form nvidia document
"EGLStream Producer

The EGLStream producer is the entity that posts EGL image frames into the EGLStream. In the NvMedia domain there are two types of producers:

• Video producer: Posts NvMedia video surfaces as EGL image frames. Video surfaces can be generated by an NvMedia video decoder, by NvMedia video capture, etc. The supported video surface formats include:

• NvMediaSurfaceType_R8G8B8A8

• NvMediaSurfaceType_Video_420"

My question is what is equivalent of NvMedia in Tegra tx2 as EGLstream producer and consumer? any example or source code would help us.
thanks so much.

We don’t support this on Jetpack 4/TX2. Let’s continue in the topic:
EGLstream DMA Consumer solutions

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