NVOSD Circle Crash

Using DS 5.0.1 on dGPU.
I get this error when ever one of the circles gets close to the edge of the screen:-
libnvosd (603):ERROR : Out of bound radius
ERROR from element nv-onscreendisplay Unable to draw circles.

Did you set _NvOSD_CircleParams ::xc + _NvOSD_CircleParams::radius greater than frame width and NvOSD_CircleParams ::yc + _NvOSD_CircleParams::radius greater than frame height? it should be less equal them.

No, frame width and height are both more than 1000, radius was set to 6. But circle coordinates (xc, yc) do get to the edge from time to time (depending on inference result), that’s when the crash happens.

When radius is set to 1 the crash does not happen even when circles get close to edge of the frame.

You can print the xc + radius value, to check whether or not it greater than width, same as yc + radius.

It works, but if there is a detection at the edge of the frame then the circle cannot be drawn. It would be be great if drawing a circle partially out of the frame was possible.

We are looking into it and if a bug is found it will be fixed in an upcoming release.

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@amycao I realise that we must manually check the circle centre co-ordinates for now. But when you say that the boundaries of the circle must be within the frame width, what are you referring to? Width of input video or width of streammux?

if you do not use tiler and set the scale property, it’s streammux width.


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