nvv4l2decoder Can't exit gracefully when stopping gsteamer pipeline

I used gst_element_set_state(pipeline, GST_STATE_NULL) to stop the gstreamer pipeline in my applicaiton, but the gst_element_set_state function is blocked and can’t return. I used gdb to debug and found the nvv4l2decoder is blocked at v4l2_ioctl int gstv4l2allocator.c:1387. It seems it is a bug in nvv4l2decoder. can anyone help me to comfrim it? Thanks!

Hi, can you please try r32.2?

Hi DaneLLL,
I used the latest SD image of jetson-nano-sd-r32.1.1-2019-05-31.

Hi 117365946,

Please download the latest SD image for r32.2 from: https://developer.nvidia.com/jetson-nano-sd-card-image-r322

Hi DaneLLL,

I used the latest image of r32.2, the issue no longer reappears now, Thank you!

I seem to have the same issue (when using nvv4l2decoder) with r32.2 on Xavier… Is this supposed to be fixed there too? Anything I can try?