NX Pinmux Template request

Adding a column for the 40-pin header pin number would be most helpful.

hello gtj,

we’ll arrange resources to review such improvements, you may refer to NX GPIO Header Pinout as temporary reference.

Adding the local and global gpio numbers would also help. With them and the 40 pin header pins, you have everything in one place.

One other item that may not be possible given all of the macros… Make the spreadsheet easier to sort so a user can sort it by module pin number, ball name, gpio, head pin, etc.

hello gtj,

we got conclusions after some internal discussion, please refer to below for couple of your requests.

  • Adding a column for the 40-pin header pin number
    Since users can connect any signals of the same types to the 40-pin expansion header, doing so may cause confused. This connector is on Nvidia DevKit and the module Pinmux is intended for customers doing their own carrier board designs.

  • Make it possible to sort the Pinmux.
    You should probably copy the values to another spreadsheet and sort them there with basic Excel skills. Please do not try to use that (sorted pinmux) for creating DTSI files, because there’re embedded macro, restructure the Pinmux could easily break the embedded macro and trigger errors.

Fair enough. I did make a copy without the macros that’s also easier to use with LibreOffice.