Objects get pulled apart when using revolute joint

I tried revolute joint and managed to create the spinning effect, but when I moved the objects around, the items get pulled apart. How can I fix the position (The cylinder to the poles) and still achieve the spinning effect? Attached files for demo:

RigidBody.usd (38.3 KB)

moving the body with the gizmo is essentially teleporting the rigid body to a new place and resetting its velocities. The simulation has to then catch up and will snap back over time. You can see that if you move with the object using a native physics movement (shift left click) then the objects dont get pulled apart.
Having full support for knowing gizmo that the object you selected is a rigid body dynamic is something on our TODO list. Currently if you want to have correct physics behaviour you should use shift left click ideally as that will either apply forces or create a joint to manipulate with that given physics object.

Thanks for the explanation, however when hold shift and click the result is the same, is there a settings for this?

Is it? I tried to play with the asset locally and things look fine for me. In the physics settings you can tune the force strength and toggle between joint/force mode for the dragging.

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