Physics material with robot friction

Hello, @mati-nvidia

When moving the robot, it tries to implement sophisticated movements by modifying the friction force between the wheels and the floor. The current state is slipping.

What I can do here is…

  1. physics material
    dynamic friction / static friction / restitution

  2. collider

There was no change in the above two things. Please give me tips on how to implement real robots without slipping.

Thank you.

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Note that the result for the friction happens on a material pair. So it does depend what material is assigned to the robot colliders and what material is assigned to the floor.
The combine mode can be set on the material itself, its average by default. So if you play with the materials you always have to think about the pair and not tweak just one material.

Hi, I am having the same problem even after tuning both friction of the floor and the wheels. Have you solve it? What values are good enough to solve this slippery issue on rotating?
BTW, what is that floating window that is showing the topic? That’s so cool.

feel free to send me the usd file, I can check the material values and if the behavior is expected or not.