Friction not working on rolling sphere

I had a question about friction in Isaac Sim. Firstly, I simulated a cube sliding over a ground plane where I just set the initial velocity of the cube to a certain value. When adding a physics material to both the cube and the ground plane and increasing the friction, the cube slid less far which is to be expected. However, when performing the same experiment with a sphere, the friction in the physics materials has no impact at all on how far the sphere rolls before coming to a halt.

Could someone help me explain why this happens and how I can solve this as I need to tune the friction to make the ball slow down quicker?

Thanks in advance.

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Could anyone please help me with this? I have still not found a solution to this problem.

I couldn’t solve it, but I did reproduce it. In this video I created 3 PhysicMaterial and applied to the ground and different shapes. Then I compared them all together. It seems like your issue is real and I hope it would be fixed soon.
Here I also attached the stage.
friction_test.usd (4.3 KB)

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Did anyone find any more info on this?

Did you add gravity to the stage?