Debugging friction behavior

Hi, is there any way to debug the friction parameters? I suspect something is fishy with the friction simulation. It seems like on larger objects it corresponds more to reality than on small objects. Would this be possible? How are the forces computed? However the small objects are not too much smaller in this case, the difference is 60 cm vs 30 cm length.

Are there any parameters of the physics engine to which I should pay attention in order to get as realistic contact friction behavior as possible? Thanks.

Follow up question: does the new release of Isaac Sim / Isaac Lab / physx include any improvements that would be relevant for the friction behavior?

I am not finding any way of progressing on this issue. I tried playing with physics solver settings, friction. I digged through the physx documentation. So far nothing helped.

Hello @melecky
It’s hard to say without seeing what’s actually happening here. Can you make some sample setup to reproduce the issue?