Can I measure the contact force of the deformable body?

Hi. I checked the latest version of IsaacSim 2023.1.0.
Please imagine the example scene: Franka panda grasps the soft cube.
In this case, can I measure the contact force?

One thing is a tersorAPI that returns the stress of the deformable body in the DeformablePrimView.
In my experience in IsaacGym, I could measure the contact force by filtering forces by the contacted vertices.

Here is an example code:

while world.is_simulation_running:
    contact_vertices = soft_object.get_contact_vertices("franka_left_finger")
    contact_forces = soft_object.get_stress()
    contact_force = np.sum(contact_forces[contact_vertices])

If there is a better way to get the contact force, I appreciate to let me know.

Hi @PARKBONG - Here’s the detailed page for Contact Sensors in a new release:

Thanks for your reply. However, Your link is inaccessible. Could you provide a link again, please?

i believe this was the proposed link - Contact Sensor — Omniverse IsaacSim latest documentation

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Apologies for the wrong link. The one shared with @Simplychenable is correct.