About Object API

Hi, I am creating an environment where two robots grasp the ends of a long object and move the object together.

To this end, I need to know which part of the object is in contact and how much force is being applied ti that particular area. May I know if we have this kind of ObjectAPI?

Hi @berternats - Yes, the Omniverse Isaac Sim provides a way to measure the surface load applied to a body through Contact Sensors. Contact sensors in Isaac Sim simulate contact by summing all forces applied on a given trigger spherical region intersected with the given body surface via the omni.isaac.sensor extension.

You can use these sensors to detect when and where your robots are in contact with the object, and how much force they are applying.

For more detailed information on how to use these sensors, you can refer to the Isaac Sim documentation on adding sensors.: Contact Sensor — isaacsim latest documentation