Support for force sensors in Omniverse Isaac

I am wondering if there is any current support for force sensors that can be enabled, specifically for robot arms like the Franka (e.g. wrist force/torque sensor, joint torque sensors). I haven’t seen force information being exposed client side anywhere yet, either in the ROS bridge, Robot Engine Bridge, or the Python API. Do force sensors exist already or are they planned for development? And if they do not already exist, how could I go about trying to extract the force information myself?

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I’m afraid we currently do not support force sensors and might not be able to get any force information yet.

I’ll file this as a feature request.

I am curious if there has been any motion on this, e.g. a target release date when force data will be exposed. Doing manipulation research with Omniverse Isaac Sim is fairly limited without getting force and contact data.

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Hi Adamconkey,

Unfortunately, we don’t have a date for it now.