Not able to create Force Sensor in GUI


I have a franka robot. I want to add a force sensor to the robot.

I followed the instructions here → Force Sensor — Omniverse IsaacSim latest documentation

I followed these instructions → select Add > Physics > Articulation Force Sensor*.

When I click on the “Physics” tab of any rigid body I select, I do not get any option of “Articulation Force Sensor.”

Could you please help?

Hi, the force sensor is now deprecated, can you use the code snippet in the documentation to measure the force instead? Optionally, depending on your usecase, you can also use a contact sensor, which can be created by

  1. Select the parent that you want to attach it to
  2. Create → Isaac → Sensors → Contact Sensor

And if you are trying to measure the force (for a prismatic joint) or torque (for a revolute joint), you can also use the effort sensor instead