Friction of sphere objects

I found it very weird that a cube object can be set to be 0 friction but not a sphere object. Unit test is attached here for both 0 friction cube object and sphere object. I played with rolling friction and torsion friction but none of the two nor other shape properties are having effects on making the friction to 0. Under the current 0 friction condition, the cube can be slipping at a constant velocity but not the sphere.

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I think I’m having similar problems, I’m using spheres as wheels on a robot and the behavior is not working as expected, are you using gpu or cpu physX?

It’s actually solved, the friction of the plane should be set to 0 too…

I’m using GPU physX

From what I understood the ‘effective’ friction is the mean between the two surfaces, but even its not working as I’m expecting for me on GPU physX even after setting the friction on both.

Your case is between a sphere and the plane right?