Official Android Support for Nano/Porg

I am just curious when the production emmc model comes out will there be official android support? From digging through the kernel-dts repos support seems to be planned:;a=blob;f=kernel-dts/tegra210b01-porg-p3448-0000-a00.dts;h=a200d9aa517e7fd199f0e8c2fb40e65a5261d900;hb=rel-30#l34

It would be great to finally have official android support as TK1 and TX1 in the past were not officially supported but sources were available to run android.

Hi Linux4all, there isn’t official Android support planned at this time, if there is interest perhaps an ecosystem partner would take a look.

Thanks for the reply dusty_nv. I think many users here would be interested in Official support. Google has support for linaro hikey. Raspberry Pi and Orange Pi have android support. Both platforms having dual ubuntu/debian android support. We can certainly port in build support but official NVIDIA supported android device/kernel repositories would be key due to many users not knowing where to start and how to build.

Having the resources located in the shield open source repositories would be what I would be most interested in:;a=blob_plain;f=README_NEW_SHIELD;hb=rel-29-partner

I believe those commits are actually related to the recently released Nvidia shield code name “sif”. However I recently discovered a few interesting additions to the switchroot lineage git.

It looks like someone is trying to Port in support for the nano cuz it clearly says Jetson nano there lol.

I was trying to track down where it originated from but I ran into a dead end the commit says it was taken from sif.

If Nvidia wanted to I’m sure it wouldn’t take much effort to Port Android to the nano or at the very least give us the tools to do it ourselves.

Maybe they don’t want us making our own shield TV’s?

Where’s that cboot source guys?

no one from nvidia replies :)

There isn’t official Android support planned for Jerson platform.