OmniSurface Causing crashing


I just updated to 3.0 and was wondering if any one else was experiencing crashing with the new omnisurface or if there is something else I need to update?

Hi Jane.byrne,

Sorry to hear you are having trouble. It would help if you could attach a log and I’ll send it over to the devs. In Windows, Create logs are located here

kit_20210716_120425.log (364.1 KB)


@JByrne and I had a chance to connect on this.
OmniSurface will be officially released in 2021.3 and requires an driver update.

It looks like everything is up to date…

Hello @JByrne! Checking in on you. Are you still experiencing a crash with omnisurface?

Yes. We are working through the VM’s and apparently there needs to be a driver update but we’re waiting on the nvidia team to update and restart all of the machines at the moment. The crash was actually locking up the entire machine which would lock up the VM.

Hi @JByrne! Thanks for your reply. I have directed your post to the development team. We should hear more soon.