Omniverse and Isaac Sim on RTX 3050 ti?

Hello everyone,
I’m planning to buy a laptop in coming weeks. I’m coming from ROS robotics background and want to try isaac platform. I saw the pricing for some laptops with RTX 3050ti and can we run Isaac Sim and Omniverse on RTX 3050 ti ? Basically i want to do robotics simulations.

I’m looking at Asus Rog G15 with Ryzen 7 5800H with Rtx 3050 ti, 16gb RAM, 500GB SSD



You can find the minimum and recommended specifications for running IsaacSim here:

IsaacSim is currently offered as a beta. It is possible that in the future IsaacSim will offer optimizations and configuration options that will enable it to run effectively on the laptop you describe, but I expect that your experience with the current release on that computer would be less than ideal.


Thanks @MikePhysX for the reply.

I was worried about the VRam. Minimum recommended is 8GB and RTX 3050ti comes with 4GB. Can I know is there any software restrictions that will stop Isaac sim from launching like if a supported graphic card not detected, that will prevent launch Isaac sim on system with rtx 3050ti ?
If it works, I’m ok with reduced performance.