Only Nvidia logo appears when HDMI is not connected

My problem is when I turn on the computer with the hdmi not connected, only the nvidia logo appears on the screen. The screen turns on when I connect the Hdmi cable without turning off the computer. When using it, if I unplug the connected HDMI cable, the screen won’t update.

I want to use the computer without ever plugging in the HDMI cable.

I’ve applied the article here: Display issues when connecting to VNC Server running on Linux

If “nvidia” is not written instead of the driver in the device section, the screen comes up and is updated even if the hdmi is not connected, but it cannot be used because the system gives an error, you can just say OK to the error. If “nvidia” is written in the driver part, it does not give an error, but the screen does not come up when HDMI is not connected.

Contents of the xorg.conf file:
xorg.conf (1.4 KB)

There is a README-vnc.txt file on the L4T-README volume included in your system image. You can access the contents of that volume by mounting it from your developer kit.

This readme has an instruction to write screen info to the xorg.conf.

I followed the instructions there. Still, only the nvidia logo appears on the screen when HDMI is not connected.

Any Solution?

Did you add the screen info to the xorg.conf as the L4T-README document tells you?

Could you also share the xorg.0.log?

Of course I applied. I even added the final version to the attachments. I also added the xorg.0.log file to the attachments.

Xorg.0.log (15.2 KB)
xorg.conf (951 Bytes)

Looks like we still cannot make it work. I guess you can workaround it by connect the hdmi monitor once and plug it out.
Or you can check this thread.

Once I plug in the HDMi, I see the vnc Screen, the problem of staying in the Nvidia logo is resolved, but when I unplug the HDMi cable, the vnc screen freezes. The mouse seems to be moving but the screen is not updating.

Check the thread and use the suggestion from other users please.

Our official method cannot work with headless case. Need to use other VNC server.

I have tried RealVnc right now and the same problem persists in this. I’ve been trying unofficial methods but haven’t found the solution yet. If I can find a solution I will update this topic. Please, if you can find a solution, I would be glad if you write.