VNC get stuck at logo screen everytime I reboot jetson agx xavier with jetpack 5.0.2

I have flashed jetson agx xavier with jetpack 5.0.2 and I have configured the vnc server according to the offical documentation (link : Setting Up VNC | NVIDIA Developer) but the VNC server get stuck at logo screen everytime when I reboot . Logo screen go away when I connect monitor to jetson agx xavier. Does anyone face the same issue ? How I can fix this ?

Hi mukuljain02,

Please turn on Screen Sharing from Settings → Sharing and try again.

Hello @carolyuu,
I already turn on screen sharing and auto login. VNC server still stuck at login nvidia logo after each reboot. This is happening due to some other issue I think so.

Hi mukuljain02,

Yes, suggest you can re-flash to try again.
It’s working on our side with JetPack-5.0.2 + Xavier.

Hi @carolyuu,

Thank you for your suggestion. I have two jetson agx xavier and one jetson agx orin. I have flashed all three with jetpack 5.0.2 and everyone of them has the same issue which is mention above. Can you please share the details of the procedure, you used for vino server setup?

You need to always connect a monitor when jetson boots for the vnc to work properly

Hello @b-sathishkumar ,
Thank you for your reply. Do you know why this issue is happening with vino server? In our case, we do not wanted to use monitor because of this, it is issue for me.

Try the following

  1. Install xserver-xorg-video-dummy using apt-get
  2. Add the following to /etc/X11/xorg.conf

Section “Monitor”
Identifier “DummyMonitor0”
HorizSync 31.5-48.5
VertRefresh 50-70

Section “Device”
Identifier “DummyVideoDevice0”
Driver “dummy”

Section “Screen”
Identifier “DummyScreen0”
Monitor “DummyMonitor0”
Device “DummyVideoDevice0”
DefaultDepth 24
SubSection “Display”
Depth 24
Modes “1920x1080”

Adjust above like Depth, Modes as per your need

Hello @b-sathishkumar ,
Thank you for the work around solution. I have installed the xserver-xorg-video-dummy on jetson agx and add the above mention code in the etc/X11/xorg.conf. After making this changes and rebooting , the vino-server is not running using autostart. I also tried manually to start vino-server from the terminal but it gives me error: Cannot open display.

Check whether changing the Modes line to the following works

Modes “1024x800”

Also check whether the following link helps