Jetson AGX Xavier stuck on Nvidia Logo

So i have a Jetson AGX Xavier and i flashed it first using the nvidia jetpack installer 4.1.1 and the system booted correctly, but then after some issue i shut down the system and after booting it up again now its stuck on the NVIDIA logo and tried to reflash it as well. Please help

Is there any way that i can reset it, i have followed the other threads and topics on this and tried the force recovery button with reset button method but doesn’t help

Turn the device off. Then press and hold recovery button. Press power button (while still pressing recovery button) and release both buttons. Xavier AGX is in recovery mode now and you can flash it with SDKmanager.

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I am not able to use SDKManager because i guess my linux host computer is quite an old one so it gets stuck on the logging page itself, although i tried using jetpack installer to flash it in recovery mode but then there’s an error which says in the end couldn’t connect to the host although i followed the documentation correctly for connections and commands and even after trying to debug the error it still persists

Thanks @dkreutz , it worked, i somehow managed to get the SDKManager to work.