Automatic VNC connection on Jetson Xavier NX

I want to connect my Jetson with VNC Viewer on boot without the need to locally login to the device.
I have followed the steps but I want to know how to automatically connect after I plug the power cord into the board.


may I ask what do you mean with automatically connect?
If you want the server to start upon boot, then I think this section explains it well:

The VNC server is only available after you have logged in to Jetson locally. If you wish VNC to be available automatically, use the system settings application on your developer kit to enable automatic login.

Or you don’t know how to enable auto login?

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Sorry, what I meant was without a physical HDMI connection. I have enabled the autologin for the user. But when I reboot and connect it to VNCViewer, it gets stuck on the nvidia logo. Only when I plug in the HDMI cable, I can see the desktop window. Is there a work around for this? Is using a dummy HDMI adapter the only workaround? If there is another way please guide me as I am building an autonomous system where I cannot plug in a HDMI cable to a monitor.


can you try something like this?

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