OpenCL compilation fails with `Unresolved extern function '__nv_fast_exp2f'` with drivers 470.42.01

I was trying to debug an opencl problem in darktable, but noticed that after recent update I can’t compile some opencl kernels.

The compiller options are:
-w -DNVIDIA_SM_20=1 -DNVIDIA=1 -I"/usr/share/darktable/kernels"

and the error:

11.123762 [opencl_build_program] could not build program: -9999
11.123793 [opencl_build_program] BUILD STATUS: -2
11.123809 BUILD LOG:
11.123814 ptxas fatal   : Unresolved extern function '__nv_fast_exp2f'

11.123821 [opencl_init] failed to compile program `'!

the error happens for darktable 3.4.1 as well as current pre-release

the cl kernels used to be non-problematic in any previous version, most recently with 465.31 :)

(darktable uses native_log2 in however the error is in

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Thanks for reporting the bug.
We are working on the fix and expect this to be fixed for upcoming release.

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Hi, 471.11 still does not have this fixed. Are you referring to the next release after this version?