OpenCL support for 980m?

Hi, I just got a new machine with dual 980m’s in SLI (drool) but when i try to install either cuda_6.5.14_windows_notebook_64.exe or cuda_6.5.19_windows_general_64.exe, it tells me that it’s not compatible with my system (it’s the dialog that asks if i want to continue, saying that i wont be able to run opencl applications).

I’m on windows 8.1 using driver 344.60.

Is there support yet for 980m’s?


Well i took a best guess and installed cuda_6.5.19_windows_general_64.exe since the 980M’s are supposed to be pretty close to the 980s in hardware terms. I skipped past the warning and everything seems to be ok.

Probly ought to fix that warning though…

hi Atrix256,
The driver (344.60) has the OCL driver/compiler support. You can download the opencl samples separately from