Vista-64 driver?

My development machine is 64-bit Vista, but the OpenCL 1.0 conformant release says only the WinXP drivers will work. I’ve seen posts that the 190 drivers only support CUDA 2.3 and NOT OpenCL. Why not? Stability, I’m guessing. I’ve also seen posts of people using Vista and working with OpenCL, so I’m pretty sure its possible.

Do the 185 Vista-64 drivers support OpenCL? If so, this point is needs to be stated clearly. If not, what do I have to do? I can’t use XP because HP doesn’t support XP for my dual Xeon workstation.

This seems like a pretty simple question.

I’m glad that our interest in OpenCL is only at the investigating phase because if this were really important to us, we would have to waste a lot of time and money purchasing and setting up a XP machine just to try a few things out.