opencv comes with jetpack for host linux ???

Hello all,

Can you clarify me whether opencv comes with jetpack for host linux? I didn’t install opencv but non GPU test programs can be compiled and executed.

  1. If I don’t need to use OpenCV GPU in host PC, Is it still better or not to install OpenCV again?

  2. If I need to use OpenCV GPU in host PC, can installing OpenCV again, corrupt JetPack installation?

Thank you

So far as I know JetPack only comes with software intended to end up on Jetson. The files exist on the host because the host needs them to copy over to Jetson. I would expect host to be able to compile and run non-GPU test programs…I think this OpenCV is tied to the GPU, but not the rest.

I’m not sure what to say for question 1. For the last part, installing OpenCV on host or Jetson should be completely separate things, other than files existing on host for install on Jetson. Keep in mind that the ARMv7 files for Jetson won’t even run on host x86. There is some cross-over when doing Jetson computations displaying remotely on x86, but I doubt this is an issue here. You should avoid trying to install anything ARMv7 on x86 without it being in a separate cross-compile setup intended for Jetson.

When i run locate libopencv_core
I get,

I didn’t install anything except Jetpack yet. Does these library files refer to x86 or ARMv7?

I want to install opencv with cuda for host pc to test with host GPU so that I can have some idea about performance

my concern is whether I will overwrite any necessary library files for Jetpack

Thank you

I have not personally added JetPack yet, I’m waiting for a second Jetson. Looking closer I see JetPack could install development items on x86 as well…this is something new, but JetPack’s purpose is to install a complete development environment. You are correct that those files are x86 and not ARMv7. It seems JetPack isn’t just setting up Jetson…it’s setting up the x86 companion host.

I’m not sure what to advise here, but it seems that if you don’t want the x86 host being modified you’ll need to install the L4T release and development packages for OpenCV separately and not via JetPack (individual packages install only to Jetson unless specifically marked x86). You can change anything you want on your x86 host without it changing Jetson…just don’t flash Jetson in recovery mode.

Hi sachi,


The above two files do not come from JetPack. JetPack won’t install OpenCV on host machine. It only has an option to install OpenCV on device. And the version on device is