Opengl es Uniform Variables limitations in GLSL ES 320 on NVIDIA Jetson Orin

We are facing issue when we use uniform variables in glsl es 320,
The application getting stuck after calling glGetUniformLocation().

But working fine when we use glsl 420.
We are suspecting that there is limitation for uniform variable in glsl 320 es.
Is there anyway to resolve the issue .


Do you use Jetpack 5.1.3? Would be great if you can use latest version and see if the issue still occurs.

No, currently we are using Jetpack 5.1.1 with Ubuntu 20.04 RFS.
As per our requirement, we cannot switch to Jetpack6.0 as it is having Ubuntu 22.04 RFS.

please let us know, if there is any alternate solution to fix the issue within the same Jetpack version.

We would suggest use AGX Orin developer kit with 5.1.3 and check if the issue still exists. If it is still present, please check if either sample in


can be patched to replicate the issue.

If you can replicate it on developer kit with the sample, please share us the method and we can give it a try.

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