Openssh not enabled by default on latest 2019-05-31 image?

Hello I downloaded the newest software image “”

Note my system is headless, I do not have a monitor.

I can see the device coming up on my router and it’s given its usual address

However I cannot ssh into it any longer, I get a connection refused (so it’s not authentication) and also nmap does not see any open port.

Any particular reason this should happen?

Hi manoweb,

The first boot up, you need complete system configuration setup on desktop to proceed. (please connect monitor at first boot up)
After completed the setup, you can use ‘ifconfig’ command to check your eth0 ip address, the ssh is working.

Oh yeah sorry I figured it out. Working with several different embedded systems I forgot the Nvidia one had to go through this part where a monitor is required. Not cool at all if you ask me but yeah that fixed it. A 100% headless system would really be useful.