Can't access in headless mode / black screen with display attached


I recently started up my Jetson Nano after a week of not using it and it is not working anymore.

I see a green light that indicates it is on but when trying to reach it fails.

I tried to connect a display screen directly to it and after seeing the nvidia logo and some command lines, it goes dark.

Here are the command lines displayed before going dark.

On my host machine (windows 10), L4T-README is mounted as usual and I can acess it.

Thanks in advance for any help !

Are you using sdcard or sdkmanager?


I used sdcard

Could you try to flash with sdkmanager?

I notice some forum users also have such issue and seems re-flash the board could resolve this issue.

Ok I will try this but this is a bit annoying when it was working normaly a few days ago and now, out of nowhere, it doesn’t.

Actually, I am curious about the behavior of this issue.

Are you still able to ssh or use the UART serial console to login your board under such error status?

Unfortunatly, I dont have an UART serial cable and I’m unable to acess it with ssh :/

Do you mean you cannot ssh in the beginning or you cannot ssh after this error happens?

I was able to ssh in the beginning.

But my problem fix itself ! I think there was a little bit of dust somewhere because after blowing into the hdmi port, it works again.

Thanks for the replies anyway and have a nice day.