Optix Denoiser does not work for my Isotropix Clarisse

Hi everyone
Optix Denoiser does not work for my Isotropix Clarisse, I have Nvidia Geforce GTX 760 with updated driver.
Optix does not work at all. I am trying since long to find a solution of it.
KIndly help me out. Doesnt OPtix have support for GTX760 ?
What I need to do to get it fixed.
I will appreciate your help

That is an end-user question about a specific application you would need to ask the resp. application vendor’s support.

A GTX 760 is based on the Kepler GPU architecture from around 2013. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GeForce_700_series

That six GPU generations older Kepler GPU architecture is not supported by OptiX SDKs since version 6.0.0.
Isotropix Clarisse is using a newer OptiX version as far as I know.

Means you’d need to update your graphics board to some more current product. With the focus on hardware ray tracing acceleration and tensor cores for the denoiser, any NVIDIA RTX graphics board should work (using the Turing or Ampere GPU architecture at this time), the more VRAM and the more GPU cores, the better.

Searching the Isotropix Clarisse forum turns up these answers:

Thank you very much for responding.
I need to change my graphics card.