OptiX scriptable installation

Is there any possibility of a scriptable installation or some form of at minimum distribution keys for downloading an OptiX SDK available? I’m attempting to automate compilation and linting tests using Github and Travis CI, which doesn’t seem like an uncommon use case… I’d appreciate any insights!

Hi @saejinmh,

If you just need compile & lint tests for your repo, would it work to check the OptiX SDK headers into your repo rather than automating an install of the OptiX SDK? That should be much easier on your test environment than the several hundred megabytes SDK download.

Do you need a CUDA toolkit environment? Is that something you have installed or automated already?


I’ve already taken care of the CUDA environment (it’s packaged on many different platforms, so using one of those is not too bad). My concern is that I’m working with an Open-Source project, and I’m not certain what kind of security needs to be taken with the OptiX SDK / headers. I could of course just set up a Github repo with the headers and clone that, but it seems ethically questionable given the constraints on downloading the SDK in the first place.

Thank you for being concerned and careful. It is okay to check the OptiX SDK headers into your repo. The main licensing constraint is we ask for a formal notification if you use or distribute parts of OptiX with a commercial application. It is free to use and okay to share whatever you need in any case, under the terms of the license. Here is a bit more information: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1028592/optix/use-of-optix-in-commercial-software/


Okay, thank you!