Need to download OptiX SDK in an easier way


Our company plans to open-source an implementation of a LiDAR sensor which uses Nvidia OptiX as a backend.
We would like to make the building process easy for our users - e.g. we download some dependencies via CMake’s FetchContent.

To my best knowledge, the only way to get OptiX SDK requires creating an account on the Nvidia site. I wonder whether it would be fine to include the SDK directly in our repository? If not, is there anything else that could be done to streamline the building process?

Best Regards,

Hi @piotr.rybicki, welcome!

Thank you for asking. I believe that hosting the OptiX installer would not be permitted under the current license. If in doubt, please read the Designworks SDK license carefully, especially section 2.1 License Restrictions.

Please note my comment is not legal advice nor should you take it as either granting or denying permission. It’s best to rely on the license document and seek your own professional counsel. We certainly want to encourage use of OptiX, and we may make changes to better support automated installation of OptiX as a project dependency at some point in the future, so check back.