Orin AGX Industrial Auto Power On Sequencing


I’m working on a carrier board design where I’d like to have an Orin AGX Industrial SoM automatically turn on (without an MCU to control) when input power is present. I saw these two relevant sections in the design guide:

  1. Are these the only design requirements that must be met for this use case?
  2. Do SV, MV and HV have any timing requirements relative to one another? The design guide shows a lot of timing diagrams for MCU-controlled options, but does not explicitly state whether timing is needed for an auto-on use case.
  3. Do the power sequencing requirements change if there are two SoMs on the same carrier PCBA (connected to each other via PCIe and some GPIO)?

Hi, please follow below sequence in DG for auto-power-on.

Thank you, Trumany.

That figure from the DG appears to reference an MCU-controlled auto power-on use case (based on the presence of the ACOK and VIN_PWR_ON signals and a figure from earlier in the DG):

I am interested in an auto power-on without an MCU, but I also I couldn’t find any additional information about the ACOK signal - could you point me to the right document for that?

Then you only need to follow below requests if no MCU.

Copy that - does that mean there are no timing requirements between SV, MV and HV?

Apologies for being painfully explicit, but I want to ensure I fully understand the SoM’s requirements for my design.