Orin nano customer board power design

I’m designing an orin nano customer board.And I noticed the “P3768_A04_Concept_schematics” shows VDD_CVM=20V / 5A and select full voltage range through PIN217,but the datasheet shows VDD_IN=5V.Should I have followed which design?

Hi, currently if you are designing for Orin nano only, it should be 5V only then. The P3768_A04 design is for both nano and NX.

Modules with pin 217 (Module ID) tied to GND support only 5V on VDD_IN. Modules with pin 217 floating (pulled high on carrier board) support full voltage range. Pull-up voltage on the carrier board on the module ID strap pin is up to the carrier board designer.

Ok,thanks!My orin nano was damaged besause of power-up 12V.Is there any way to fix it?

Do you mean nano module is damaged? I am afraid not. You may try RMA.

What does RMA stand for? I‘m wondering whether is there a circuit diagram for the core board,and Ican fix the core board by it.

Module schematic is not public. RMA: Jetson FAQ | NVIDIA Developer

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