Orin Nano ssh is not avilable after flashing

Hi team

I have flashed my orin Nano using the Jetpack 5.1.1 SDK and the device boots up with the HDMI. But when connecting the micro B cable, its not getting detected in my laptop

I am using a custom carrier board that i was using for xavier NX. The setup is good as i try with orin NX or any other som it works fine.

Can you help me to resolve this issue.


you mean you fail to log in to you device with
It may be hard to locate the issue as you are using a custom board.
Can you try if you are able to login via UART?

Yup that i am able to do.

I don’t have the NVIDIA Default dev kit with me now to test the ssh on NVIDIA devkit

I would like to know whether this is an issue, or my board dependency.


It’s hard to confirm whether it’s an issue if we cannot reproduce it, as we don’t have the same custom board as you. I’d recommend you use the UART to login if it’s available.

Hi @DaveYYY

So I believe there is no issue with the ssh via microB in NVIDIA devkit with orin Nano there.

Yes, we just tested with our Orin Nano DevKit, and it was working fine.
If the connection is established successfully, there should be a device with IP: on your host, and on your device. Can you check that?

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