Orin NANO UART1 (ttyTHS0) functionality not working

It seems you just want to use /dev/ttyTHS0 as normal UART and it would connect to another device. Is that correct?

Could you help to provide your pinmux spreadsheet as file here?

Hi @KevinFFF

Yes, you have understood correctly. However, I’m not very familiar with how to use RS232 (UART) for communication with their device. I only know that they specifically require this interface for their device.

I performed an experiment on the Orin Nano DevKit by connecting a logic analyzer to pin 8 and pin 10. Then, I entered the following command on devkit:

$ stty -F /dev/ttyTHS0 115200
$ echo 11111 > /dev/ttyTHS0

The result as show below:

But I couldn’t see any logs in putty that be executed on my host PC.

The attached file is my pinmux setting that be used in our custom board. Thanks.
PCP_Orin_Nano_Pinmux_Config.xlsx (2.0 MB)

It seems the result is expected showed on your logic analyzer.

What are you expecting to see in putty?
You are connecting this UART from the board to another device. Why you would see the log from the putty of your host PC?

Hi @KevinFFF

Sorry, I checked again and I have saw the message “11111” on my PuTTY terminal. After confirming with the project manager, I believe this should be sufficient for customer, even if they are unable to output booting logs. Thanks!

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